How to Hint and Get the Engagement Ring You Want

Your engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it’s perfectly reasonable to want an engagement ring you’ll love. But if you’re not the one shopping for your engagement ring, how can you get the engagement ring you want? If you don’t want to directly tell your partner what you’d like for your dream ring, you’ll need to drop some hints.

Dropping hints about the engagement ring style you want can actually benefit both you and your significant other. It can help you wind up with a ring you adore, while also helping your partner through the engagement ring shopping process (which can be quite stressful if you don’t know where to start). So, what’s the best way to get a ring you’ll love while making your sweetheart’s search easier? Below, we’re going over four of the best engagement ring hint ideas.

1. The Picture Perfect Hint Drop

Before the age of computers and social media, a woman might drop an engagement ring hint by leaving a magazine clipping of an engagement ring in view of their partner. Now, however, Pinterest is the method of choice for dropping engagement ring hints via images.

Making a Pinterest board featuring engagement rings, then “accidentally” leaving that board open (on a desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) where your soon-to-be fiance will see it is a simple, effective way to let your partner know what you want in a ring. It’s also a fairly subtle way to drop a hint about the kind of ring you want. However, if you’d like to be less subtle with this strategy, you can just text or email your significant other a link to your board.

If you try this strategy, know that your Pinterest board should feature a highly curated selection of ring styles if you want to send a clear message about your dream engagement ring. For example, if you only want a yellow gold oval diamond ring, you should only have yellow gold oval diamond rings on your board. If you have yellow gold round diamond rings or rose gold oval diamond rings on your board, this could steer your partner in the wrong direction.

2. The Commentary Strategy

Commenting on jewelry that you do and do not like is a time tested engagement ring hint drop strategy. You can comment on celebrity engagement rings or the engagement rings of people you know who just got engaged. For example, you could say something like, “the halo engagement ring that Bob picked out for Sally is perfect for her, but I think there’s nothing prettier than a simple solitaire ring.” You can also just comment on jewelry in general. For example, if you want a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, comment about how you love cushion cut diamonds when you see them, such as when you’re scrolling on social media, shopping online, or window shopping at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

3. The Advertising Nudge

Have you noticed that after you shop online, you often get targeted ads for the exact things you were looking at? These advertisements are something you can use to your advantage to plant subliminal hints about a specific engagement ring. Just visit the online page of the ring of your dreams and wait for the jewelry designer or jeweler’s ads to follow you around on other websites. Then, when an ad for that exact ring pops up on something else you’re looking at, show your partner the page with the ad under the guise of showing them the regular page content. Repeat this a few times to get the subliminal message in your significant other’s subconscious.

You can also go a step further with this strategy by seeing if you can get ads to follow your partner around the internet. Borrow their computer for a moment, pull up the url of the ring you want, and then, hopefully, the ads for your perfect engagement ring will follow them around for a while.

4. The Friends and Family Assist

If you don’t think your partner will pick up on more subtle hints, but you know that they still want to shop for your ring on their own, get some help from your best friends and family. Tell a trusted loved one about the kind of engagement ring you want. Then, have them reach out to your partner and either tell them what you’re looking for or offer to go with them to shop at the jewelers.

This hint strategy is advantageous in several ways: it will help you get a ring you’ll love, it will help your partner have an easy and pleasant shopping experience, and it will ensure that the engagement ring element of surprise is preserved. You may know the ring guidelines you gave your close friend or family member, but you won’t see the final ring until your partner gets down on one knee!

Vibrant Summer Jewelry Favorites

Summer is a time to embrace the feeling of the season and have fun with your style. To help you get inspired to explore your summer style, below, we’re featuring some of our summer jewelry favorites. These vibrant, sparkling pieces will add a touch of summer sunshine and some serious style to your day, wherever you may be.

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Blue Sapphire Drop Diamond

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings in Yellow Gold

Twin blue sapphires dazzle in these beautiful yellow gold drop earrings. Here, each glittering blue gem is enclosed within an Abbraccio Swirl Halo Setting, which cradles each sapphire in brilliance. These diamond and sapphire drops sway from classic lever backs adorned with lines of round cut diamonds, which add even more scintillation to these elegant earrings.

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings in Platinum

These pink sapphire and diamond studs will add a pretty pop of color to your daily summer style. In this design, each earring’s center sapphire rests within a round diamond set Abbraccio Swirl setting, which creates an ethereal diamond swirl. With settings crafted from platinum and sixty accent diamonds in total, these earrings will add stunning shimmer and sparkle to any look.

Eleganza Women’s Yellow Gold Ring

Danhov Eleganza Women’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Classic and chic, the Eleganza ring looks gorgeous when worn alone or when added to a stylish ring stack. This design features two interlocking rings of gold. One ring is created from pure gold, while the other is set with dozens of round cut diamonds, creating a graceful interplay of lustre and brilliance.

Classico Round Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Danhov Classico Round Diamond Rose Gold Wedding Band

Delicate diamonds add beautiful detail to the Classico ring. Here, a slim band crafted from rose gold features twelve artfully placed diamonds. Trios of round cut diamonds rest along four points of this ring, providing a lovely, unexpected element of shimmer.

Per Lei Diamond Ring

Danhov Per Lei Diamond Ring For Women

An emerald cut yellow diamond stuns at the heart of this design from our Per Lei collection. This magnificent yellow diamond rests in double claw prongs within an emerald shaped diamond halo set with round cut diamonds. Lines of exquisitely matched round diamonds sparkle along this ring’s platinum band, adding the finishing touch to this utterly gorgeous design.

Eternita Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Danhov Eternita Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

An eternal ring of emerald cut diamonds creates a mesmerizing display of light within the Eternita ring. This meticulously crafted design features eleven slim, four prong settings that are designed to allow their enclosed diamonds to capture and reflect maximum light. Glamorous and classic, the Eternita ring is an accessory that will turn heads every time you wear it.


Looking for more pieces that will elevate your summer style? View our full fine jewelry collection.

A Closer Look at Our Award Winning Designs

At Danhov, innovation is at the core of what we do. Taking inspiration from classic and modern art, we create fresh, avant garde designs that offer a new perspective on fine jewelry. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of fine jewelry design and we’re immensely proud that our innovative design philosophy has earned us recognition within our industry. Having our artistic creations honored by leaders within our industry is extraordinarily gratifying and it inspires us to continue to create inventive new designs that are special, unique, and boldly beautiful.

So that our readers can learn more about our designs and our design philosophy, below, we’re taking a closer look at our most celebrated designs. Read on to learn more about the award winning engagement rings and wedding bands from our Abbraccio, Tubetto, Carezza, and Classico collections.

Abbraccio Handmade Engagement Ring

Abbraccio Handmade Engagement Ring, Style #AE501UQ

Each piece in our award-winning Abbraccio collection features our iconic swirl, which represents the essence of true love’s perfect embrace. Every swirl begins with a single wire, which creates a band that seamlessly transitions into a mounting that gracefully hugs the piece’s center stone. The model pictured above features a beautifully balanced, asymmetric open swirl. This swirl is adorned with an array of perfectly matched round cut white diamonds, which cradle the ring’s center stone in lines of brilliance.

Abbraccio Swirl Diamond Ring

Abbraccio Swirl Engagement Ring, Style #AE520UQ

This diamond ring from our Abbraccio collection features a unique halo setting. Here, the band of the ring elegantly swirls to create a raised, multi-tiered halo that curls around the center diamond, creating a glamorous and sophisticated effect.

Abbraccio Swirl Engagement Ring

Abbraccio Swirl Engagement Ring, Style #AE522P

This solitaire style from our Abbraccio collection is chic yet bold. This design features a triple swirling band, which arches around the piece’s prong set center diamond. This wide band adds mesmerizing, yet understated detail to the classic solitaire design, enhancing the beauty of the ring’s center diamond while never overshadowing it.

Tubetto Platinum Wedding Band for Men

Tubetto Platinum Wedding Band, Style #TM104-6

Each piece in our Tubetto collection features the collection’s signature circles of eternal love, which represent the endless love of the wedding promise. This award winning Tubetto Wedding band for men features these circles along the beveled edges of a wide, sleek platinum band. These circular details add graphic, modern detail to this bold piece, giving it a striking aesthetic.

Carezza Engagement Ring

Carezza Engagement Ring, Style #XE500GQ

This breathtaking halo engagement ring boasts the Carezza collection’s signature micro prong settings, which support the piece’s center gemstone in an elegant and contemporary engagement ring setting. Here, the center round cut diamond simply mesmerizes within a glamorous diamond halo, while lines of perfectly matched accent diamonds adorn the ring’s raised band, further enhancing the spectacular brilliance of this gorgeous piece.

Classico Handcrafted Diamond Engagement Ring

Classico Handcrafted Diamond Engagement Ring, Style #WE520P

This lovely design from our Classico collection presents an elevated, romantic take on the classic solitaire engagement ring design. This ring’s center diamond rests within a highly unique solitaire setting, which features eight prongs that take the shape of elegant, open flower petals. This design features a sleek, unadorned metal band, which allows the blooming diamond flower at its center to capture the viewer’s full attention.

Tubetto Wedding Ring for Men

Tubetto Wedding Ring, Style #TM108-6

This men’s wedding ring from our Tubetto collection is sophisticated and immaculately detailed. Here, two endless rings of Tubetto circles accent the center of the band, while additional Tubetto circles add detail along each of the piece’s angled edges. The intricate, graphic detail used here creates visual impact and elevates the elegance of this bold, masculine piece.

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Determining Which Ring Metal is Right for You

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when shopping for an engagement ring is your choice of precious metal. Your choice of precious metal will affect your ring’s style, how practical your ring will be for your lifestyle, and how flattering your ring will be against your skin. So, as you weigh your precious metal options, you’ll want to consider all three of these factors. And to help you do that, we’ve written this guide to determining which ring metal is right for you. Below, we’re going over the style, practicality, and undertone of your four precious metal options: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Yellow Gold


Yellow gold is a traditional precious metal that’s loved for its classic look. Yellow gold wedding bands and engagement rings have a gleaming golden beauty that’s simply timeless, making them a great option for anyone with a classic sense of style.


In general, yellow gold is a very durable precious metal that’s great for everyday wear. But when you shop for a yellow gold ring, you’ll have to decide on your gold karatage, which will affect your gold jewelry’s durability.

Gold karat, not to be confused with diamond carat, is a notation that tells you how much gold is in a gold alloy. Pure gold is 24 karats, but pure gold is too soft to be used in jewelry. So almost all of the gold used in jewelry will be a metal alloy that contains pure gold and a mixture of other, stronger metals. Most commonly, you’ll see 18k yellow gold and 14k yellow gold used in jewelry. 18k yellow gold contains more pure gold, so it’s a bit softer than 14k yellow gold. But since 18k yellow gold contains more pure gold than 14k yellow gold, it will also have a slightly deeper golden color. If you love the classic beauty of yellow gold, consider what’s more important to you: having a ring with a deeper golden color or having a ring that’s more resistant to scratching. This will help you decide whether 14 karat or 18 karat yellow gold would best or you.


Yellow gold is quite a warm precious metal, so it tends to look the most flattering on those with warm skin undertones. Yellow gold can also look lovely on those with neutral skin undertones, since people with neutral skin undertones will have some warm undertones in their skin.

White Gold


White gold is a chic, modern precious metal that has a beautifully sophisticated look. In addition to being extraordinarily elegant, white gold is incredibly reflective. White gold is plated in rhodium, which is the most reflective precious metal on earth. Because white gold features a coat of rhodium, it can make a diamond engagement ring look even more glamorous, as the luster of this precious metal will capture and reflect the shimmer of brilliant gemstones. So, white gold is a stunning option for someone who wants a sophisticated ring that’s not short on glamour.


As we mentioned above, white gold is plated in rhodium. This makes white gold look beautifully shiny and white, but it also means that white gold requires a bit more upkeep than other precious metals. White gold requires more upkeep because its rhodium plating will slowly wear off over time. It is easy and fairly inexpensive to have a white gold ring re-dipped in rhodium, but it does require making an occasional trip to the jewelers. On everyday rings, rhodium plating usually begins to wear off after a year or two. Many people don’t care that white gold will need to be re-plated over time. But if you’re interested in choosing a precious metal with a white color and that sounds too high maintenance for you, you may want to consider your other white precious metal option: platinum.


White gold is a cool-toned, icy-looking precious metal, so it tends to be very flattering on those with cool skin undertones. White gold can also look beautiful on those with neutral skin undertones, since they will have some cool undertones within their skin.

Rose Gold


Rose gold is pure gold that has been mixed with copper and silver metals. The copper within rose gold is what gives it its beautiful rosy-pink color, which makes rose gold look highly romantic. In addition to being romantic, rose gold is a rather unique choice for an engagement ring. While rose gold has been more trendy in recent years, this type of metal is still a rare choice for an engagement ring or wedding ring, giving it a stand-out look.


Since rose gold contains copper, a very strong metal, it’s the most durable type of gold. So, generally, rose gold is a very practical and low maintenance precious metal.
While rose gold is generally low maintenance, one thing to consider about rose gold is its patina. The copper in rose gold means it will form a patina over time. When copper is exposed to air, it reacts by creating a sort of film over itself, which is called a patina. The patina that forms on rose gold tends to look dark pink or red, making rose gold look richer over time. Many people absolutely love that rose gold forms a patina, since it makes it look beautifully vintage. But if you do not like the look of a patina, you will have to occasionally have your rose gold engagement ring or wedding ring professionally cleaned to restore its original shine.


Rose gold is the most universally flattering precious metal. Rose gold has a neutral undertone with both warm and cool notes, so it looks fantastic on people with neutral, warm, or cool skin undertones.



Platinum is a luxe, bright white metal that is timelessly beautiful. This elegant, chic precious metal looks quite similar to white gold, so it has a very similar style to white gold. However, platinum and white gold have a number of practical differences, which can affect which you prefer for your engagement ring.


Platinum is an extremely strong and durable metal, and it will never tarnish. Out of every precious metal on this list, it requires the least amount of maintenance over time. Additionally, another big pro of platinum is the fact that it’s hypoallergenic. Unlike some gold alloy metals, platinum doesn’t contain any nickel or copper, making a platinum ring a good option for those with these common metal allergies.

The primary practical drawback of platinum is its price. Platinum is highly rare, which means it’s the most expensive precious metal on this list. However, many people find the higher price of platinum worth it, since platinum is so beautiful, durable, and pure.


Like white gold, platinum is a cool-toned precious metal. So, platinum looks highly complementary on those with cool or neutral skin tones.

Ready to find your perfect yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum engagement ring? Browse our collection of award-winning, handmade engagement ring designs.

The Top 7 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas in 2020

A bridal shower is a celebration of the start of a new chapter in the bride’s life. And, traditionally, the guests at a bridal shower give the bride gifts that will help her set up her new home. In the modern era, however, it’s common to give a wider variety of gifts that can be useful or special to the bride-to-be in multiple ways. Wondering what you should bring to a bridal shower this year to wow the bride-to-be? Read on to see our list of the top 7 bridal shower gift ideas for 2020.

1. Monogrammed Luggage Tags

Help the bride get ready for her honeymoon in style by giving her an elegant set of luggage tags monogrammed with her new initials. If you want to make this gift idea a bit more lavish, you could also give her some luxe new luggage to go with her new tags.

2. Special Occasion Wine

A good bottle of wine is always a classic, classy gift option. To make this gift more personal for the bride-to-be, one excellent idea is to deck out a few bottles of wine with custom-made labels showing that the bottles are meant to be used on special occasions. For example, a “first Christmas” bottle of wine, a “first anniversary” bottle of wine, and so on.

3. Custom Wedding Dress Hanger

A beautiful custom wedding dress hanger is a practical, and also quite photogenic, wedding gift. A lovely custom hanger keepsake that features her name, her wedding date, a monogram of her new initials, or her wedding colors can keep her dress wrinkle-free as she gets ready on her big day. And it will also serve as a charming bit of decor when her wedding photographer captures those magical getting-ready shots. If you’re wondering where to get a customized wedding dress hanger, we’d recommend checking out some of the many excellent artists on Etsy.

4. An Experience

One of the best gifts you can give to a loved one is an experience. This can be any number of things but, for a wedding shower, it’s best to give an experience that both the bride and her fiance can enjoy. For example, you could pay for the soon-to-be newlyweds to go wine tasting, gift them a voucher for an upscale restaurant, send them on a weekend getaway to a lovely bed and breakfast, gift them a gift certificate to an escape room, buy them season passes to see their favorite baseball team, and so on. Giving an experience as a gift is always a thoughtful idea, since you’re helping your loved one make new memories.

5. A Diffuser

A stylish essential oil diffuser is a lovely gift that’s both beautiful and relaxing. We recommend wrapping up the bride’s new diffuser with a set of essential oils so she can start relaxing right away.

6. A Cheese Board

An attractive, well-made cheese board is an excellent traditional bridal shower gift idea that she’ll love using as she entertains friends and family in her new home. To give this wedding gift idea a personalized touch, consider opting for a monogrammed cheese cutting board. Then, if you want to round out this gift and make it a gift set, you could also give the bride a set of cheese knives and/or a gift card to a gourmet cheese shop.

7. A Camera

If the bride doesn’t already have a camera she can use on her honeymoon, gifting her a camera is an incredibly thoughtful choice. A camera is a perfect way to help the happy couple capture high quality pictures and videos of their memories on their honeymoon, and for years to come. If you’re shopping for a more sporty couple, an outdoor camera like a GoPro is one of the best bridal shower gift options, since it’s portable and rugged, and it can even capture memories underwater.

Looking for even more bridal shower gift ideas? Here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list: An elegant cutting board, a luxe set of lingerie, a set of cookbooks, stainless steel knives, a thoughtful picture in a chic picture frame, monogrammed pillowcases or a monogrammed sheet set, well-made wine glasses or champagne flutes, a high tech coffee maker, skincare or beauty products, or a finely crafted wine rack.

Find the Right Diamond Shape

Your engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life. So you, of course, want to search for an engagement ring that perfectly reflects your style and tastes. That’s why we generally recommend choosing your desired diamond shape early in the engagement ring shopping process, as diamond shape sets the overall style of your ring. Not sure which diamond shape fits your style? Below, we’re sharing some notes on the style of each diamond shape to help you find the perfect shape for you.

Round Diamonds

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Engagement Ring

Round is easily the most popular diamond shape. Over 50% of all diamonds sold today are round diamonds. This shape is beloved in part because it has a lovely, classic style. Round cut diamonds are elegant, traditional, and simply stunning. They pair well with any ensemble, as well as with virtually any engagement ring setting. Round diamonds are also loved for their extraordinarily high brilliance. Round diamonds, the most brilliant of all diamond shapes, feature a faceting pattern that’s specifically designed to maximize shimmer. Brilliant and truly classic, round cut diamonds are perfect for those who have an eye for timeless beauty.

Princess Diamonds

Danhov Voltaggio Tension Set Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamonds have a sleek, modern style. This diamond cut, which looks like a square when viewed from above, boasts clean lines that give it a decidedly contemporary beauty. In addition to being sleek and chic, princess cut diamonds are quite brilliant. So while princess cut diamonds feature a streamlined look, they’re not short on glamour, making them a well-rounded option for those with an eye for modern design.

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are highly romantic, with a lovely vintage look. Cushion cut diamonds are a modern version of a vintage diamond shape, the old mine cut. The cushion cut combines the soft, rounded shape of the old mine cut with a modified version of the round brilliant cut diamond’s faceting pattern. This combination creates a gorgeous effect: cushion cut diamonds have a vintage look, due to their shape, but also have the stunning shimmer that’s only possible with modern cuts. Cushion cut diamonds are an ideal option for those who want a vintage look, yet also want to make sure their engagement ring is beautifully brilliant.

Oval Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are somewhat similar to round brilliant cut diamonds, with a similar silhouette and a brilliant cut. But the oval cut diamond’s elongated shape creates a more distinctive, and also somewhat more elegant look that’s simply enchanting. Oval cut diamonds are perfect for those who love the classic look and high brilliance of a round cut diamond, yet want something a bit more unique.

Emerald Diamonds

Danhov Carezza Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamonds feature step cut facets that create a gorgeous type of light reflection. The long, linear facets of an emerald cut diamond create larger flashes of light, which are quite glamorous. These larger facets also allow you to see clearly into the center of an emerald cut diamond, showing off its crystal clear beauty. The unique cut of the emerald diamond gives it a captivating, purely elegant look, making it ideal for those who have a sophisticated sense of style.

Pear Diamonds

Danhov Eternita Pear Shape Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring

Pear diamonds, also known as teardrop diamonds, are glamourous yet highly unique. This brilliant cut diamond shape is rounded on one end, then narrows into a sharp point at the other end, giving it an incredibly distinctive look. This diamond shape is the perfect choice for someone who is confident and loves to draw eyes from across the room.

Asscher Diamonds

The asscher cut diamond has a unique Art Deco Era vintage beauty. Like the emerald cut diamond, the asscher cut diamond is a step cut diamond shape. But the asscher cut diamond features a highly unique faceting pattern, which was the first ever diamond cut to be patented. This faceting pattern, created in the early 1900s, gives the asscher cut diamond a look that’s all its own, making the asscher cut diamond ideal for those who love uncommon beauty.

Marquise Diamonds

Danhov Voltaggio Knife-Edge Marquise Engagement Ring

The marquise diamond has a beautifully unique shape. This brilliant cut diamond shape is slim, with curving edges that narrow to a point at each tip. The marquise diamond is perfect for someone who loves to stand out from the crowd.

Heart Diamonds

Heart shaped diamonds are utterly romantic and also rather dramatic. This diamond shape, cut into the shape of a heart, is feminine and incredibly eye-catching, since heart shaped diamonds are a rare choice. Heart shaped diamonds are quite rare in general, as it takes exceptional skill to create a well cut heart shaped diamond. Heart shaped diamonds are the perfect option for true romantics who love a boldly beautiful look.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Guide

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, so it’s the perfect day for an ultra romantic, memorable proposal. If you’re considering proposing this Valentine’s Day, read on to see our Valentine’s Day Proposal Guide! Below, we’ll be featuring some sweet, creative proposal ideas that will help you sweep your love off their feet this Valentine’s Day.

Recreate a Special Moment From Your Relationship

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, tell your partner that you’ll plan your Valentine’s Day date. Then, on Valentine’s Day, surprise your love with a date that recreates a special moment in your relationship. For example, you can recreate your first date or the date when you realized they were the one. Then, get down on one knee and pop the question, making sure to explain the sentiment behind your proposal location in your speech!

Create a Photo Album

A classic Valentine’s day proposal needs a signature Danhov engagement ring, like the ring featured above.

On Valentine’s Day, present your soon-to-be fiance with a photo album filled with pictures of the two of you throughout your relationship. Then, on the last page, write a sentimental message that leads into your proposal. For example, “I can’t wait to make more memories together” or “what will the future bring?”

Plan a Special Getaway

Make it an extra special proposal with this stunning Danhov halo engagement ring

Want to add a major dash of romance to your Valentine’s Day proposal? Try planning a special getaway trip! Then, you can pop the question at your beautiful destination. Or, if you really want to surprise your Valentine, consider popping the question right before you head to the airport or hop in your car to travel to your romantic getaway destination. Not only will that give your proposal an exciting element of surprise, it will also allow you to celebrate your proposal for your entire trip.

Hide a Hidden Secret in a Book

If your sweetheart loves to read, try surprising her with a hidden engagement ring in a book. She’ll be excited to get a new book, but will be even more excited when she sees an engagement ring hidden in its pages. To pull of this proposal idea, you can get a ready-made book that already has a hidden box or cut out area. Or, you can DIY a book by cutting out a box in the pages with an exacto knife.

Valentine’s Day Morning Proposal

If you’re getting close to engagement, your sweetheart may suspect a Valentine’s Day proposal, since Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to propose. But even your partner has an inkling you may propose on Valentine’s Day, you can still surprise them by proposing at a less traditional time: on Valentine’s Day morning. Try surprising her with a romantic brunch or breakfast in bed, then get down on one knee! A Valentine’s Day morning proposal is just as romantic as an evening proposal– yet far more unexpected and surprising. Pair your proposal with this stunning two-tone engagement ring.

Lean Into Valentine’s Day Traditions

If your partner loves all things romantic and sweet, go all in with the “Valentine’s Day” element of your Valentine’s Day proposal. Deck out a room with rose petals, candles, heart shaped balloons, and so on. Be sure to make your display is something that will sweep them off their feet! Then, as they’re basking in the beauty of their surprise, get down on one knee and really sweep them off their feet with your proposal.

Best Snowy and Whimsical Winter Proposal Ideas

In the winter, the air is crisp, snow is falling, and there’s simply a feeling of magic in the air. Winter is the most romantic time of the year, which means it’s the perfect time to propose.

If you’re thinking of popping the question this winter, know that there are so many ways you can incorporate winter’s magic into your proposal to make it even more special and memorable. To help you find a winter proposal idea that’s perfect for your love story, below our experts at Danhov take a closer look at six of our favorite snowy and whimsical winter proposal ideas.

1. Say it With Snow

For a memorable (and very photogenic) proposal idea, try writing your proposal message into a snowy bank. You can write your message with flower petals or twinkling lights, or you can simply carve it out. To make this sweet proposal idea even more memorable, try choosing a snowy area with special significance to you as a couple. For example, you could find a snowy spot outside your first date spot or choose somewhere near your home.

2. Snowy Getaway Proposal

If your sweetheart loves to travel, consider heading to a romantic winter getaway spot for your proposal. You can pick a place you’ve both been dying to visit or go somewhere completely unexpected and spectacular. We love this proposal idea because it’s fun, exciting, and incredibly memorable, since it creates a new destination in your love story. There’s the place you met, your home together, and, now, your proposal spot.

3. Capture the Moment

If you want to make sure you get great pictures of your proposal, this is the perfect idea for you: propose during a photoshoot! Hire a photographer to take some pictures of you and your partner. Then, during the shoot, get down on one knee and have your photographer capture every second of this magical moment.

If taking professional pictures isn’t common for you, you can easily come up with a reasonable excuse for the photoshoot. For example, you could say you want to get a nice photo for a Christmas card or you could say that you’re gifting her a photoshoot for her birthday. Or, if you want to be even sneakier, you could also have one of her friends get in on the idea. They could say that they want to do a fun photoshoot with their girlfriends for a special occasion. Then, you can surprise her during the photoshoot by coming out and getting down on one knee!

For this idea, make sure you choose a photographer who has experience shooting surprise proposals. That will help ensure they can coordinate with you seamlessly and get those amazing shots you’re looking for.

4. Say it With Coffee or Cocoa

For a cute, cozy, and romantic proposal idea consider popping the question with the help of her favorite winter beverage. You can use a latte stencil to write your message in cocoa or cinnamon, or you could get a mug with a hidden message at the bottom of the cup!

5. Head to the Slopes

If your partner loves to hit the slopes in the winter, try incorporating your proposal into a skiing or snowboarding expedition. You can propose in the resort’s lodge, at the top of a ski slope, or simply at any particularly pretty spot on the property. Or, you could ask the resort to help you propose by writing a message in the snow under the ski lift.

6. Write Your Message in the Heavens

If you want your proposal to have a serious “wow factor,” consider writing your proposal message in the sky with the help of a skywriter. Pick a clear winter’s day and hire a skywriter to write your proposal message in the sky above a favorite location. This proposal idea is a grand gesture that’s sure to set her heart on fire.