Danhov Diary
  1. Why We Love Round Diamonds

    Why We Love Round Diamonds

    We adore round diamonds and we’re not alone. Around 75% of all diamonds sold today are round diamonds, making round the most popular diamond shape by far. Wondering why round...
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  2. Find the Right Diamond Shape

    Find the Right Diamond Shape

    Your engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life. So you, of course, want to search for an engagement ring that perfectly reflects your style and...
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  3. Our Danhov Holiday Wishlist

    Our Danhov Holiday Wishlist

    The holidays are the perfect time to embrace your love of all things shimmery. So in this post, we’re sharing our Danhov holiday wishlist, full of our favorite dazzling diamond...
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  4. The Cushion Cut Diamond

    The cushion cut diamond is classic, unique, and gorgeous. This diamond shape is a modern evolution of one of the world’s earliest diamond cuts: the old mine cut. This blend...
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