Vibrant Summer Jewelry Favorites

Summer is a time to embrace the feeling of the season and have fun with your style. To help you get inspired to explore your summer style, below, we’re featuring some of our summer jewelry favorites. These vibrant, sparkling pieces will add a touch of summer sunshine and some serious style to your day, wherever you may be.

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Blue Sapphire Drop Diamond

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings in Yellow Gold

Twin blue sapphires dazzle in these beautiful yellow gold drop earrings. Here, each glittering blue gem is enclosed within an Abbraccio Swirl Halo Setting, which cradles each sapphire in brilliance. These diamond and sapphire drops sway from classic lever backs adorned with lines of round cut diamonds, which add even more scintillation to these elegant earrings.

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings

Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings in Platinum

These pink sapphire and diamond studs will add a pretty pop of color to your daily summer style. In this design, each earring’s center sapphire rests within a round diamond set Abbraccio Swirl setting, which creates an ethereal diamond swirl. With settings crafted from platinum and sixty accent diamonds in total, these earrings will add stunning shimmer and sparkle to any look.

Eleganza Women’s Yellow Gold Ring

Danhov Eleganza Women’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Classic and chic, the Eleganza ring looks gorgeous when worn alone or when added to a stylish ring stack. This design features two interlocking rings of gold. One ring is created from pure gold, while the other is set with dozens of round cut diamonds, creating a graceful interplay of lustre and brilliance.

Classico Round Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Danhov Classico Round Diamond Rose Gold Wedding Band

Delicate diamonds add beautiful detail to the Classico ring. Here, a slim band crafted from rose gold features twelve artfully placed diamonds. Trios of round cut diamonds rest along four points of this ring, providing a lovely, unexpected element of shimmer.

Per Lei Diamond Ring

Danhov Per Lei Diamond Ring For Women

An emerald cut yellow diamond stuns at the heart of this design from our Per Lei collection. This magnificent yellow diamond rests in double claw prongs within an emerald shaped diamond halo set with round cut diamonds. Lines of exquisitely matched round diamonds sparkle along this ring’s platinum band, adding the finishing touch to this utterly gorgeous design.

Eternita Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Danhov Eternita Emerald Cut Diamond Wedding Ring For Her

An eternal ring of emerald cut diamonds creates a mesmerizing display of light within the Eternita ring. This meticulously crafted design features eleven slim, four prong settings that are designed to allow their enclosed diamonds to capture and reflect maximum light. Glamorous and classic, the Eternita ring is an accessory that will turn heads every time you wear it.


Looking for more pieces that will elevate your summer style? View our full fine jewelry collection.

4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Designer Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about popping that very important question but don’t know where to start?

Our friends at Platinum Guild International have shared 4 easy tips for starting the process, and we wanted to pass along!

  1. Set A Budget

“How much should I spend on a designer engagement ring?” is a very common question. The rule of thumb is typically equivalent to two months salary, but ultimately it’s whatever you are comfortable spending.

2. Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind

Make sure you pick a setting that is conducive to your partner’s lifestyle – personal and professional. Platinum is the most secure setting for diamonds thanks to its high density and will not require your ring to be reinforced or re-shanked.

3. Choose Everlasting

Platinum is the most durable of the precious metals. Did you know the surface of your rings will actually get stronger with wear?

4. Consider The Maintenance

White gold requires rhodium plating to maintain its white finish and must be re-plated to address normal wear. This can be done as you take your ring to your jeweler for cleaning and maintenance. However, remember that platinum is naturally white and will never change color over time.

Hand Engraving Adds Something Special

Do you love vintage-inspired engagement rings, but with a modern flair?


Danhov offers several engagement rings that have hand-engraved details. These intricate elements of ornate scrolls and milgrain offer eye-catching and light-catching components.



This Danhov Couture ring offers is not dated looking, but has a vintage touch with the hand detailing incorporated into the design.



The milgrain detailing and hand engraving on this Danhov Couture engagement ring adds just a bit of extra sparkle.



A modern Danhov Abbraccio swirl takes on a vintage-inspired look with the hand details. This hand work catches the light and adds elegance.



Expert Advice For Caring For Your Engagement Ring

Jennifer Gandia from Greenwich Jewelers in New York City, a leading fine jewelry retailer, offers some of the best advice for one of the most-asked questions from brides-to-be regarding the proper care of their new engagement ring: 

At Greenwich Jewelers, we advise women to remove their engagement ring before showering. Hard water, soaps, lotions, and other products can dull the sparkle of your gems.

It’s important for women to find a routine that works for them. For example, place a small ring box in your bathroom where you store the ring during your shower, or have a consistent place you store it every night and wait until after you’ve showered and applied lotion every morning to put the ring back on your finger.


In addition, we tell our customers to store their ring safely while exercising. Lifting weights or putting pressure on the ring can wear it down over time.

To clean your  designer engagement ring we recommend purchasing jewelry cleaner that is made specifically for the diamonds and gems in your ring. Certain porous gemstones, such as emeralds or pearls, need a specific type of jewelry cleaner. Your engagement ring is a valuable, lifelong investment, you should treat it as one.

diamond cleaner

It’s important to get your ring checked on an annual basis. Greenwich Jewelers, as most fine jewelry stores do, offers yearly servicing to check and tighten all diamonds and gemstones in the setting, and clean, polish and re-plate the ring as needed.

A final step in the care of your diamond engagement ring is to purchase insurance. We remind our customers that they want to insure the replacement of her engagement ring in case of loss or damage.


Danhov Introduces Three-Stone Collection of Engagement Rings

DT103The new Tre collection includes new and archived designs of three-stone diamond rings. These three-stone rings are individually made in America, and they are the ideal symbol of a couple’s past, present and future life together. This fine jewelry is created to be a romantic engagement ring or celebratory diamond anniversary ring. Tre represents a true love that lasts today, tomorrow and always.

Danhov Tre

8 Reasons to Buy Danhov

We’re obviously proud of the bridal and fine jewelry created in our California office, and of course we’d love everyone to choose a Danhov engagement ring, wedding band or piece of fine jewelry.

There are a few, or eight, good reasons to keep in mind when shopping for your big jewelry purchase:

1. HANDMADE IN THE USA: Danhov has been making handmade and hand-assembled bridal and fine jewelry in the USA for more than 30 years. This ensures quality and strength for jewelry that will last a lifetime.

2. SUPERIOR DIAMOND STANDARDS: All diamonds used in Danhov jewelry are true VS1 and F/G color.

3. ETHICAL SOURCING: The precious metals and diamonds used in Danhov products are all sourced from reputable wholesalers who certify they are from conflict-free areas.

4. QUICK TURNAROUND: Danhov provides a 2-3 week turn-around time for our individually created pieces.

5. AWARD-WINNING DESIGNS: Danhov is an award-winning designer; accumulating several accolades for best engagement ring design.

6. LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: All Danhov jewelry is covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that will cover any manufacturing defects. Danhov’s warranty automatically terminates if any repairs or modifications, beyond setting the center stone, are made by anyone other than Danhov.

7. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Danhov provides a wide range of price points; our rings are individually made so they are easy to customize and can be made for any size, shape or type of center stone – perfect for an engagement, special anniversary, or gift for any occasion.

8. ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTION: Danhov bridal and fine jewelry is eco-friendly; harsh chemicals and large machinery used by many other jewelry companies are not used to create our handcrafted or hand-assembled pieces.