Your engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it’s perfectly reasonable to want an engagement ring you’ll love. But if you’re not the one shopping for your engagement ring, how can you get the engagement ring you want? If you don’t want to directly tell your partner what you’d like for your dream ring, you’ll need to drop some hints.

Dropping hints about the engagement ring style you want can actually benefit both you and your significant other. It can help you wind up with a ring you adore, while also helping your partner through the engagement ring shopping process (which can be quite stressful if you don’t know where to start). So, what’s the best way to get a ring you’ll love while making your sweetheart’s search easier? Below, we’re going over four of the best engagement ring hint ideas.

1. The Picture Perfect Hint Drop

Before the age of computers and social media, a woman might drop an engagement ring hint by leaving a magazine clipping of an engagement ring in view of their partner. Now, however, Pinterest is the method of choice for dropping engagement ring hints via images.

Making a Pinterest board featuring engagement rings, then “accidentally” leaving that board open (on a desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) where your soon-to-be fiance will see it is a simple, effective way to let your partner know what you want in a ring. It’s also a fairly subtle way to drop a hint about the kind of ring you want. However, if you’d like to be less subtle with this strategy, you can just text or email your significant other a link to your board.

If you try this strategy, know that your Pinterest board should feature a highly curated selection of ring styles if you want to send a clear message about your dream engagement ring. For example, if you only want a yellow gold oval diamond ring, you should only have yellow gold oval diamond rings on your board. If you have yellow gold round diamond rings or rose gold oval diamond rings on your board, this could steer your partner in the wrong direction.

2. The Commentary Strategy

Commenting on jewelry that you do and do not like is a time tested engagement ring hint drop strategy. You can comment on celebrity engagement rings or the engagement rings of people you know who just got engaged. For example, you could say something like, “the halo engagement ring that Bob picked out for Sally is perfect for her, but I think there’s nothing prettier than a simple solitaire ring.” You can also just comment on jewelry in general. For example, if you want a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, comment about how you love cushion cut diamonds when you see them, such as when you’re scrolling on social media, shopping online, or window shopping at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

3. The Advertising Nudge

Have you noticed that after you shop online, you often get targeted ads for the exact things you were looking at? These advertisements are something you can use to your advantage to plant subliminal hints about a specific engagement ring. Just visit the online page of the ring of your dreams and wait for the jewelry designer or jeweler’s ads to follow you around on other websites. Then, when an ad for that exact ring pops up on something else you’re looking at, show your partner the page with the ad under the guise of showing them the regular page content. Repeat this a few times to get the subliminal message in your significant other’s subconscious.

You can also go a step further with this strategy by seeing if you can get ads to follow your partner around the internet. Borrow their computer for a moment, pull up the url of the ring you want, and then, hopefully, the ads for your perfect engagement ring will follow them around for a while.

4. The Friends and Family Assist

If you don’t think your partner will pick up on more subtle hints, but you know that they still want to shop for your ring on their own, get some help from your best friends and family. Tell a trusted loved one about the kind of engagement ring you want. Then, have them reach out to your partner and either tell them what you’re looking for or offer to go with them to shop at the jewelers.

This hint strategy is advantageous in several ways: it will help you get a ring you’ll love, it will help your partner have an easy and pleasant shopping experience, and it will ensure that the engagement ring element of surprise is preserved. You may know the ring guidelines you gave your close friend or family member, but you won’t see the final ring until your partner gets down on one knee!