4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Designer Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about popping that very important question but don’t know where to start?

Our friends at Platinum Guild International have shared 4 easy tips for starting the process, and we wanted to pass along!

  1. Set A Budget

“How much should I spend on a designer engagement ring?” is a very common question. The rule of thumb is typically equivalent to two months salary, but ultimately it’s whatever you are comfortable spending.

2. Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind

Make sure you pick a setting that is conducive to your partner’s lifestyle – personal and professional. Platinum is the most secure setting for diamonds thanks to its high density and will not require your ring to be reinforced or re-shanked.

3. Choose Everlasting

Platinum is the most durable of the precious metals. Did you know the surface of your rings will actually get stronger with wear?

4. Consider The Maintenance

White gold requires rhodium plating to maintain its white finish and must be re-plated to address normal wear. This can be done as you take your ring to your jeweler for cleaning and maintenance. However, remember that platinum is naturally white and will never change color over time.

Prop 8 Plaintiffs Get Wedding of Their Dreams

GAY_WEDDING_BANDS_ONYOn the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that overturned the discriminatory Prop. 8 law in California, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, Prop. 8 plaintiffs, will finally have the wedding of their dreams.

Danhov is proud to be the designer of the men’s platinum wedding bands they will be exchanging after they walk down the aisle at The Beverly Hilton on June 28. The attorneys who argued their case, Ted Olsen and David Boies, will officiate at this celebration with family and friends.


In addition to their upcoming wedding, HBO Documentaries is premiering “The Case Against 8” on Monday, June 23. “The Case Against 8” follows lawyers and plaintiffs from confidential war-room strategy sessions to last-minute trial preparation. During the documentary Jeff and Paul share intimate interviews regarding their relationship, desire to be married, and hopes for a family. They are ready to have children, but hesitated to start a family without the traditional status and legal protections of marriage.

Danhov congratulates Paul and Jeff on fulfilling their dream to be married after their nearly 5-year court battle. We’re happy to be a part of this special day.