What Handmade Means at Danhov

A quick Google search of the term ‘handmade’ results in this definition: “made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.”

At Danhov we take great pride in offering diamond jewelry collections that are handmade, and some that are hand-assembled. And regardless of handmade or hand-assembled, all of our bridal and fine jewelry is made in the USA.

At some companies, the term handmade is additionally interpreted as hand-assembled or hand-altered, or even hand-touched. When we say a diamond ring is handmade, we are talking about the most literal sense of the word – it really is made by hand. From start to finish, the piece of jewelry is made by the skilled hands of one of our expert jewelers. And we are honest and up front that some of our collections are hand-assembled – meaning that parts of the jewelry are individually created with a wax mold and then assembled and finished by hand to create the perfect ring.

Mass-production is not used at Danhov, and no manufactured-by-machine rings (that are then polished by hand and called handmade) have the Danhov stamp.

Our handmade and hand-assembled rings are produced one ring at a time by skilled artisans at our California office. This individual, hands-on approach further exemplifies the precision, quality and strength for which Danhov is known.

New Beginnings



Danhov is excited to launch its’ first-ever lifestyle campaign following a couple’s romantic journey. While we believe the unique handmade designs and quality of our modern engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry are capable of selling themselves, we also know that the idea of spending your life with someone is very romantic.

We wanted to add another layer to the Danhov story of unique designs, made in America, and quality to last a lifetime, by capturing lifestyle imagery that shared those feelings around falling in love and saying “I do.”

We were fortunate to work with amazing actors to help us with this romantic journey that we feel symbolizes the love story of a Danhov bride. Shiree Nelson and Mercer Boffey help us in depicting a couple meeting, falling in love, and ultimately getting married. We hope you enjoy the story of new beginnings and happily-ever-after as told by Shiree and Mercer.