Danhov Celebrates 30 Years with Trenta Collection

To celebrate 30 years of creating uniquely handmade bridal and fine jewelry, Danhov is introducing the Trenta collection. Created as a special collection in 18k rose gold and diamonds with white South Sea pearls, the handmade fine jewelry will be available as a limited-edition, numbered set. Only 30 numbered sets will be produced in 18k rose gold.

Italian for thirty, Trenta is an extension of the modern minimalist lines and shapes for which Danhov is known. Thirty years of marriage is traditionally known as the Pearl Anniversary, and to celebrate 30 years of business in the bridal industry pearls were selected as the centerpiece of this special line. It’s a fine jewelry collection that is perfect for a wedding day – or any special occasion.

While Trenta in rose gold will be limited and numbered, other 18k gold (white and yellow) and South Sea pearl (white and black) combinations will be available ongoing.

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