Unique tension set engagement rings have become immensely popular among young couples. It offers a twist to the modern engagement ring without compromising the quality, beauty, and elegance.

If you are looking for a sleek, modern unique, brilliance engagement ring for your partner, a tension ring is an ideal choice. Let's explore more about this contemporary design of the engagement ring.

The setting of the Tension Engagement Ring

In unique tension set engagement rings, the tension of the metal secures the beautiful diamond in its position. Thus, their name.

The jeweler uses lasers to calibrate the precise proportions of the diamond. They cut tiny grooves into the shank or band's sides to securely hold the diamond between the metals. The bezel or prong setting anchors the diamond securely.

Essential Attributes of Tension Engagement Ring

Every setting of the engagement rings has its perks. The tension rings are a unique brilliance engagement ring that offers the below-mentioned perks:

  • The diamond is securely held in its place
  • Due to minimal metal encircling, the precious stone has enhanced light reflection.
  • It has a unique appearance
  • As compared to the prong setting, it requires minimum maintenance.
  • It has a stylish and modern look
  • The tension setting is suitable for both men and women.

Why You Should Buy Tension Engagement Ring?

The tension engagement ring has gained popularity in the last few years as it features a unique design. Whether the metal tension suspends the diamond or just looks that way, it offers an intriguing and appealing look.

Unlike other settings, minimal metal surrounds the diamond in a tension setting. Thus, it reflects more light and offers magnificent sparkle and brilliance.

A tension engagement ring is ideal for someone who loves contemporary, sleek, and unique design.

Are Tension Engagement Rings Safe?

With an extremely low risk to the center gemstone or diamond, tension engagement rings are safe and secure.

When you look at the tension ring, you might wonder how the metal securely holds the diamond in its place. Well, there are a few reasons for it.

  • The pressure or tensile force exerted on the diamond from both ends hold it securely in place with a lower risk of coming loose.
  • Although it might not be visible to your eyes, tiny grooves are made on the band's side to hold the diamond in its place. The purpose of these cuts or grooves is to prevent the diamond from slipping.

The Bottom Line

The tension engagement rings are contemporary, sleek design that has a unique setting to hold the diamond in its place. Whether you choose to buy a tension engagement for men or women, ensure that you purchase from a reputable vendor.

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