The thought of bending on your knees and proposing to the love of your life is nerve-wracking. You want the evening and everything about it to be perfect as it is the moment you and your partner will cherish for the rest of your life. 

Are you struggling to find the perfect handmade engagement ring that will make your partner scream a big 'Yes'? Finding the ideal engagement ring for your partner can be a big challenge. Don't worry! We have put up a guide to make the process easier for you. 

Pick an Engagement Ring that Complements your Partner Style

While picking a handcrafted engagement ring, select one that suits the style and taste of your partner. Remember, your partner will be the one who will wear the ring every day. 

Your partner's accessories, shoes, and clothing style speak much about their preferences. Observe their style to decide, whether they would like a vintage ring or something sleek and formal. 

Don't forget to get the ring size of your partner right. If it doesn't fit their finger, there is no point in buying the most beautiful handmade engagement ring.

Decide on a budget

We all know that engagement rings can be quite expensive. Don't pressurize yourself to buy an engagement ring with a hefty price tag. Set up a budget and find the perfect handcrafted engagement ring.

Remember, you can't spend all your saving on buying the precious rock for your beloved. After your engagement, you also need to plan your wedding, which is another expensive affair. 

One common thumb rule you can apply, while setting up a budget for your engagement ring is spending your two months' salary on it. 

Research About Diamonds

Before you decide to spend a huge part of your saving on a handcrafted diamond engagement ring, you must gain some knowledge about the diamond. 

To determine the quality of the diamond, consider the 4 C's: clarity, color, carat, and cut. The clarity of the diamond is important as you don't want to gift your partner a diamond that has imperfections. 

Often, people choose a colorless diamond; that's a classy choice. However, if your partner has a colorful taste, you can opt for a colored diamond. The most important factor you should consider, while buying an engagement diamond ring is its cut. The cut is responsible for the sparkle of the rock through its faucets. 

The cart of the diamond is the least important factor. Your partner won't appreciate a heavy diamond that is murky, doesn't look sparkly, or has a beautiful cut.  

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be stressful and a bit challenging. Follow the tips shared above and contact a professional jeweler or a trustworthy jewelry store, and you are good to go. All the best.