The holidays are the perfect time to embrace your love of all things shimmery. So in this post, we’re sharing our Danhov holiday wishlist, full of our favorite dazzling diamond jewelry. Read on to see the pieces we’re dreaming about this Christmas!

1. Double Band Halo Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

This halo engagement ring is as glamorous as it is romantic. Here, a gorgeous round brilliant diamond rests in a pave diamond halo setting. This stunning centerpiece sits atop a unique, wide rose gold band that is set with two rows of brilliant white diamonds. This ring’s diamonds contrast beautifully with its rose gold setting, creating a warm yet icy look that’s nothing short of sublime.

2. Floral Diamond Band

A ring of diamond flowers shimmers in this sweet floral diamond band design. Here, delicate platinum flowers set with pave diamonds create an infinite flower chain. This lovely ring makes the perfect romantic wedding band, and it also works well as a unique, eye-catching engagement ring.

3. Mixed Metal Criss-Cross Band Engagement Ring

The mixed metals used here add just the right amount of unique detail to give this classic engagement ring a special touch. In this design, a round brilliant diamond rests upon a slim criss cross band. Half of the ring’s band is white gold and set with diamonds, while the other half is crafted from pure, gleaming rose gold. This beautifully designed engagement ring is classic, yet also has a stand-out look we can’t get enough of.

4. Pear Shaped Diamond Infinity Band

This Christmas, go for glamour by selecting this simply gorgeous infinity band. This engagement ring is set with pear shaped diamonds that create an infinite ring of brilliant shimmer. These pear shaped diamonds alternate in position, which adds balance and detail to the piece. This engagement ring is luxurious, unique, and nothing short of breathtaking.

5. Double Band Diamond Engagement Ring

This stunning, traditional engagement ring design proves that some engagement ring styles are classic for a reason. Here, a round brilliant diamond is set atop a dazzling double band set with pave diamonds. Dazzling from every angle, this ring is a timelessly beautiful option that will look chic for decades to come.

6. Abbraccio Swirl Pearl Ring

Make a sophisticated statement with the utterly elegant Abbraccio Swirl Pearl Ring. This ring features a lovely, sizable pearl at its center, which gleams with a glowing natural luster. Here, the pearl is surrounded by a halo of delicate pave diamonds, which adds brilliance to the piece. This ring’s band swirls to meet the center halo, adding another unique touch to this distinctive design.

7. Modern Round Diamond Engagement Ring

This jaw-dropping engagement ring is the epitome of modern glamour. This design features a mesmerizing round center diamond, which rests atop a unique and dazzling band. This ring’s pave diamond band features eight white gold loops set with diamonds, which add shimmer and balance to the design. This ring is gorgeous, glamorous, and uniquely modern.