Floral engagement ring in Style #SE510UQ.

This summer, we’ve seen a prominent summer trend: floral inspired engagement rings. Floral elements add a beautiful, romantic look to a diamond engagement ring. Floral engagement rings are at once luxe and lovely. In this post, we’re highlighting the best of this summer trend! Here are six of our favorite floral inspired engagement rings.

1. Four Petal Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous ring provides a modern take on the floral engagement ring trend. In this design, four petals crafted from gleaming white gold nestle around a round brilliant diamond. Here, the show stopping center diamond acts as the centerpiece of a blooming flower. This luxe flower rests atop a slim band accented with pave diamonds.White gold lines are visible on both sides of the line of diamonds, which adds another contemporary touch to this enchanting engagement ring.

2. Twisted Band Floral Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is a romantic, intricate version of the floral engagement ring trend. Here, an incredibly unique floral setting completely surrounds the ring’s center diamond. In this design, eight petals crafted from 14k rose gold act as the prongs that hold the center diamond firmly in place. The band of this ring has been formed into a twisted rope-pattern, which adds even more delicate detail to this engagement ring.

3. Floating Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This floral engagement ring has an airy, vintage-inspired look. Here, a floating, twisted diamond halo gives the impression of large petals. At the center of the halo lies a breathtaking round diamond, which is beautifully brilliant. This diamond flower is set atop a pave diamond set split shank band, which perfectly complements the floating halo’s airy quality. Yellow gold is used for the ring’s band and setting, which adds a warm, cheerful look to this engagement ring.

4. Floral Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This floral engagement is as lovely as it is glamorous. In this design, a round brilliant white diamond is surrounded by a breathtaking diamond halo. Ten shimmering round diamonds lie along this halo, scalloped edges exposed, creating a beautiful floral effect. This diamond halo rests seamlessly around the ring’s center diamond due to the ring’s use of mixed metals, giving the impression that the center diamond is larger than it is. Even more white diamonds rest along the ring’s rose gold band, adding further brilliance.

5. Hidden Petal Solitaire Engagement Ring

This ring is the perfect choice for those who want to combine floral elements with the classic solitaire design. In this ring, a round brilliant diamond rests atop a classic four prong solitaire setting crafted from 14k rose gold. Floral elements come into play in this ring’s hidden diamond detailing. Along the sides of this ring’s four prong setting lie eight curving lines of rose gold, which meet the setting’s prongs to create tiny petal-shaped accents. These hidden accents are adorned with pave diamonds, which adds delicate brilliance to this chic engagement ring.

6. Floral Diamond Engagement Ring With Wide Mixed Metal Band

Last but certainly not least, we have a floral engagement ring that beautifully blends vintage, classic, and contemporary design elements. In this design, a round brilliant diamond is surrounded by a floral-shaped diamond halo. This vintage-inspired floral halo features a modern design element: a smooth, seamless rim of metal that surrounds the outer edges of the floral diamond halo. Then, the wide band used here features two classic engagement ring bands set with shimmering pave diamonds. These two slim bands are connected by vertical lines of gleaming yellow gold. These yellow gold lines widen the band, allowing it to beautifully complement the large size of the floral diamond halo. They also add a modern, mixed metal element to this engagement ring, which gives this utterly unique ring even more visual interest.

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