If you are planning to propose the love of your life, you must be busy looking at engagement rings. You might have encountered different styles and types of rings and might be finding it difficult to decide what suits your partner the best.

The tension engagement ring has recently gained popularity due to its elegant and classy design. Its unusual setting makes it stand out from the classic engagement rings. Its sleek design is ideal for a bride who wants to add a twist and modern touch to the traditional engagement ring. 

The Design Of The Tension Engagement Ring

The tension set engagement ring frames a beautiful diamond from two sides in the bridge style. It signifies the beauty of two hands holding a precious diamond. 

The tension setting utilizes compressions to hold a gemstone or diamond in the center. It may look like the stone is floating within the power of two metal pieces. 

The Beauty Of The Tension Engagement Ring

The tension set engagement ring is unique. It offers you the freedom to pick something different from a traditional engagement ring. It matches your partner's individuality. 

The beauty of the tension ring lies in the diamond secured between the metal. As minimum metal surrounds the stone, you can view its brilliance from every angle. It is often considered an engagement ring with only diamond and no metal; it allows the stone to sparkle just like your love. 

The tension ring may look fragile; however, it is extremely strong and secured. 

Tips To Buy The Tension Engagement Ring

If your partner adores simple, elegant, and contemporary things, they will fall in love with the tension engagement ringHowever, while shopping for one, there are two important points that you should consider. Let's explore these two key points:

  • The Quality Of The Diamond- The diamond in the tension ring is what catches everyone's eye. Thus, you must pick the one adorned with the highest quality diamond. Look for one with a diamond with premium-quality color and cut.
  • Buy Only From The Best Store- The perfect tension setting ring is difficult to achieve. It requires a perfect heating and cooling metal blend to achieve ideal compression. Not every jeweler can expertise in tension engagement rings. We recommend visiting a reputable store that has experience crafting tension engagement rings. Look for one that offers a wide range of tension engagement ring designs.

At Danhov, we have expertise in tension engagement rings.

The Bottom Line

Tension engagement rings have become one of the favorites of modern couples. If you are looking for something classic yet contemporary, you must ask your jeweler about it. Remember, only the best artisans can offer you this beauty. At Danhov, we offer you a tension ring handcrafted only by experienced designers.