A bridal shower is a celebration of the start of a new chapter in the bride’s life. And, traditionally, the guests at a bridal shower give the bride gifts that will help her set up her new home. In the modern era, however, it’s common to give a wider variety of gifts that can be useful or special to the bride-to-be in multiple ways. Wondering what you should bring to a bridal shower this year to wow the bride-to-be? Read on to see our list of the top 7 bridal shower gift ideas for 2020.

1. Monogrammed Luggage Tags

Help the bride get ready for her honeymoon in style by giving her an elegant set of luggage tags monogrammed with her new initials. If you want to make this gift idea a bit more lavish, you could also give her some luxe new luggage to go with her new tags.

2. Special Occasion Wine

A good bottle of wine is always a classic, classy gift option. To make this gift more personal for the bride-to-be, one excellent idea is to deck out a few bottles of wine with custom-made labels showing that the bottles are meant to be used on special occasions. For example, a “first Christmas” bottle of wine, a “first anniversary” bottle of wine, and so on.

3. Custom Wedding Dress Hanger

A beautiful custom wedding dress hanger is a practical, and also quite photogenic, wedding gift. A lovely custom hanger keepsake that features her name, her wedding date, a monogram of her new initials, or her wedding colors can keep her dress wrinkle-free as she gets ready on her big day. And it will also serve as a charming bit of decor when her wedding photographer captures those magical getting-ready shots. If you’re wondering where to get a customized wedding dress hanger, we’d recommend checking out some of the many excellent artists on Etsy.

4. An Experience

One of the best gifts you can give to a loved one is an experience. This can be any number of things but, for a wedding shower, it’s best to give an experience that both the bride and her fiance can enjoy. For example, you could pay for the soon-to-be newlyweds to go wine tasting, gift them a voucher for an upscale restaurant, send them on a weekend getaway to a lovely bed and breakfast, gift them a gift certificate to an escape room, buy them season passes to see their favorite baseball team, and so on. Giving an experience as a gift is always a thoughtful idea, since you’re helping your loved one make new memories.

5. A Diffuser

A stylish essential oil diffuser is a lovely gift that’s both beautiful and relaxing. We recommend wrapping up the bride’s new diffuser with a set of essential oils so she can start relaxing right away.

6. A Cheese Board

An attractive, well-made cheese board is an excellent traditional bridal shower gift idea that she’ll love using as she entertains friends and family in her new home. To give this wedding gift idea a personalized touch, consider opting for a monogrammed cheese cutting board. Then, if you want to round out this gift and make it a gift set, you could also give the bride a set of cheese knives and/or a gift card to a gourmet cheese shop.

7. A Camera

If the bride doesn’t already have a camera she can use on her honeymoon, gifting her a camera is an incredibly thoughtful choice. A camera is a perfect way to help the happy couple capture high quality pictures and videos of their memories on their honeymoon, and for years to come. If you’re shopping for a more sporty couple, an outdoor camera like a GoPro is one of the best bridal shower gift options, since it’s portable and rugged, and it can even capture memories underwater.

Looking for even more bridal shower gift ideas? Here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list: An elegant cutting board, a luxe set of lingerie, a set of cookbooks, stainless steel knives, a thoughtful picture in a chic picture frame, monogrammed pillowcases or a monogrammed sheet set, well-made wine glasses or champagne flutes, a high tech coffee maker, skincare or beauty products, or a finely crafted wine rack.