Are you planning to shop for a designer engagement ring? Congratulations! Gearing up for the proposal and shopping for a ring is a nerve-wracking yet exciting time. You want to give your partner the best in the world. However, don't get too caught up in the romance.

Remember, the engagement ring is a significant expense, and you want it to do right. We bring you experts tips to find the perfect ring for your partner.

Decide On The Diamond Shape Or Cut

To ease your designer engagement ring hunt, find out what diamond shape your significant other wants. Every shape is priced differently. Round cuts are more expensive than marquise or pear shapes.

If the size of the diamond is vital for you, you can get more cuts within your budget by picking an alternative to the classic round cut. The floral engagement ring can be an ideal choice for you.

Before visiting a jewelry store, study different types of cuts and pick one or two favorites.

Narrow Down What Metal You Want For The Band

Traditionally, the engagement rings were handcrafted in platinum, silver, white gold, or yellow gold. However, rose gold has emerged as a modern, fresh and feminine choice in recent years. Floral engagement rings cast in rose gold have become popular among young couples.

Although platinum shares its appearance with silver, it is denser, rarer, and expensive. Some metals scratch easier than others; thus, consider your budget, lifestyle, and partner's preference before you choose.

Pick A Carat Size

For some people, size matters when it comes to the diamond engagement ring. They prefer a giant stoner to a clear one. In contrast, others want the most transparent diamond, irrespective of the carat size. Before you start shopping for a ring, find out your partner's preference. 

If the diamond size is essential for your partner, you can always tweak its clarity and color to find a ring within your budget.

When shopping with your significant other for an engagement ring, keep an open mind. Your partner may have decided on a shape or size; however, when they wear various rings on their finger, they might fall in love with a completely different choice.

Consider How Well The Engagement Ring Will Complement Your Wedding Band

You might be too excited to shop for the engagement ring; however, it is only half of the equation. Soon, you will need to buy a wedding band, which is an actual sign of your marriage.

While shopping for an engagement ring, consider what wedding band style will go with it. Some engagement ring doesn't allow the band to fit flush against them. Before picking a ring, consider all the pros and cons.

The Bottom Line

Above are some tips that you can use to purchase the engagement ring for your partner. However, the key is to visit a jewelry store that offers you an exquisite range. Trust Danhov to meet all your requirements.