When should you start shopping for wedding bands for couples? It is a question that often confuses most soon-to-be brides and grooms. While planning your wedding, you might be too engaged in picking out a venue, caterer, and dress, that you might not decide to shop for this wedding-day must-have a few weeks before D-day. However, this decision might lead to a huge disappointment.  

When Should You Start Shopping For The Wedding Band?

Some couples wait until a month to shop for unique wedding bands for women. However, cutting it this close can be stressful. You might end up picking a band that might not have been your first choice. 

On the contrary, some brides picked up their dream wedding band eight months ago at a discounted price.

Experts recommend starting shopping for wedding bands for couples about 3 to 4 months before your wedding date and making the purchase by six weeks. If you decide to go for custom wedding bands, the designer may take at least 6 to 8 weeks to get the bands ready. If you are getting the ring engraved, it may take a few days more for the jeweler to deliver it. 

Why Should You Start Your Wedding Band Shopping Early?

It is always wise to shop for your unique wedding bands for women 3 to 4 months before your wedding date. It covers almost all aspects and obstacles you might face during the purchase. Let's explore reasons why you should start wedding band shopping early.

  • To Not Face Issue With The Ring Size

If you don't know your or your significant other's ring size, you need to visit a jeweler to get it measured. It might take some time.

If you are ordering your wedding band online, the process might be extended due to the shipping period. Moreover, there are chances that the ring size might not be 100% accurate, and you need to replace the band.

  • To Get A Custom-Made Wedding Band

If you want to purchase an extra-special band that needs to be customized, you must place your order early. The jeweler will take the time to handcraft it and ship it to you. 

  • To Avoid Your Dream Wedding Band Getting Out Of Stocks

Summer is the most popular wedding time, followed by fall, spring, and winter. There are chances that your dream wedding band might become out of stock during the popular seasons. 

So, start shopping for your wedding band early to ensure that you get the ring you always wanted. 

  • To Help You Plan Your Budget

It is advised to plan for your wedding band and save money to purchase them.

The Bottom Line

Don't wait to shop for your wedding bands until only a few days are left for your wedding day. Visit Danhov to purchase the wedding band that will bind you and your significant other's life together.